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Beyond the Tunnels

Now available as of July 1st, 2023 as part of a new YA book series! This series is especially targeted for young adults, but any age will love these stories. Based on young people with special abilities, these books are filled with excitement as well as heart-warming tales. My story is titled "Beyond the Tunnels" and takes place in and around the catacombs of Paris. You can also check out the other stories in this series. Just click here.

Proceeds from "Beyond the Tunnels" will be donated to Artisan Center Theater, a family-friendly community theater in Hurst, TX. Visit to discover more.


About my story: "Beyond the Tunnels" 

In the heart of Paris, a tale of romance unfolds, but beyond the enchanting streets lies a hidden world of a different kind of tribe…

Haunted by her father's unsolved murder and her mother's mysterious disappearance, Colleen sets out to become an investigator at a University in Paris. Fate soon weaves its tapestry when she encounters a peculiar young man claiming to dwell in the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the city. Together, they delve deep into the secrets that shroud their closest friends and family and fall deeply in love.

But there's something special about Colleen – she is gifted with an extraordinary sixth sense. With her heightened intuition as her guide, will it be enough to unearth the truth she's desperately seeking?

In the vibrant "City of Lights," can Colleen find answers and also true love?

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Starboard Hearts

Released in August of 2023 as part of a "shared world" cruise ship romance series! I'm dating myself here, but does anyone remember the hit 80s TV show "The Love Boat"? It was my favorite show growing up! Well, take that idea, throw it onto a modern-day cruise ship, and make it into a book series. That's what you have here! "Cruisin' Around" is a modern-day "Love Boat" in a book series! And "yours truly" has set sail aboard this series as of August, 2023. My story is titled "Starboard Hearts". You can also check out the other cruise romance stories in this series. Just click here. (Warning: Some of the stories are for ages 18+, but mine are always clean romance.) 


About my story: "Starboard Hearts"

Charlotte and her friend Michelle go on a cruise as a celebration for graduating college aboard one of the fabulous OceanTides Cruise Line ships. Charlotte soon finds herself hopelessly drawn to the charming cruise director Grady, but amongst Michelle's matchmaking schemes with only rich, eligible bachelors, she is left to sneak encounters with Grady behind her coercive friend's back.

Between her toxic best friend, an unsolicited wealthy suitor, and the cruise ship's karaoke contest, Charlotte realizes she might have to put her foot down to enjoy her voyage… and maybe have a chance at happiness.

Will Charlotte and Grady's love weather the tides or be lost at sea?

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Seasons Sweethearts

Still available! I have a story featured in the "Season's Sweethearts" holiday boxed set.
In this limited edition Christmas romance collection, love is in the air, as our couples receive an unexpected gift from Santa – romance!
Embrace the Christmas spirit by delving into these stories where anything can happen with a little Christmas magic.
This holiday anthology includes stories from some of today’s most loved romance authors, including Kathleen Ryder, Diana Dawn, A.M. Olenick, Ella Braeme, Demelza Carlton, Becca Turner, Katherine Moore, Harper Cross, Meg Napier, Anita Harlan, and Nikki Prince.
Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

About my story in this set: "Giving Class"

New freshmen in college, Jennifer and Todd discover that their relationship has gone beyond being study partners and is blossoming into something more. It's too bad neither of them has two nickels to rub together, being broke college students. With the Christmas season coming up, they'll have to come up with some creative ways to express their love and give each other an outstanding Christmas. Money isn't everything when it comes to holidays or love.

Seas and Storms

Pre-order available NOW!
I will have a story featured in "Of Seas and Storms"...a fantasy water-themed romance collection. This exciting set is scheduled to release on July 9th, 2024!
(Warning...some of the stories in this set may be rated as "mature", but my stories are always clean romance.)

About my story in this set: "A Sailor's Love Song"

They say mermaid songs entice sailors, but could it be the other way around?

It was forbidden. Per the laws of her merfolk clan, it was forbidden for a mermaid to bond with a human. But Kaia was already falling in love with a handsome sailor. What started as her admiration for Samuel’s sea shanty songs had become much more. And now her sister’s life was in danger, and it was up to Kaia to save her. But she needed Samuel’s help. And, of course, the more time she spent with him, the more she found herself falling for him. Can Kaia unlock the mystery to save her sister’s life and still have a ‘happy ever after’ with the sailor she loves?

Court of the Fated

Pre-order coming soon!! I will have a story featured in "Court of the Fated", a fantasy romance anthology.
(Warning: some stories in this set are rated "mature", but my stories are always clean romance.)

About my story in this set: "Dragon Hearts Beating"

Their kingdom is being repeatedly attacked by a large black dragon. The surrounding small towns are finding it hard to defend their homes. When Lavinia's family is killed, she is sent to work as a handmaiden for a nobleman. But when his intentions are less than honorable, she flees. She finds a small, friendly village to take refuge in. But are her new friends what they seem?


Hurry while it's still available! I have a short story featured in the "Catstruck" anthology. All proceeds benefit the Tenth Life cat charity!  

About my story in this set: "Cat Fancy That"

Duchess is a beautiful pure breed Himalayan cat in a comfortable home. She is an “only” cat and content to be such. So when her owners bring home a cute stray kitten, Duchess’ home life is threatened. Can she get past her resentment of the new feline and make friends with the little guy? Her position in the household may depend on it!

Valentine's Crush

Available as part of a Holiday Series! I have a short story titled "Valentine's Crush" featured in the "Holiday Series" by Indie-Pendent Book Services.

About the story: "Valentine's Crush"

Beverly doesn't much care for Valentine's. She doesn't like the reminder of her 'singleness'. But when a new coach and teacher start at the school, they hit it off famously, working together to set up the student Valentine's dance. However, when Beverly's safety is threatened by what appears to be a student's crush on her, Beverly and Rich must follow the clues that will lead them to the truth about what is really going on.

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