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Book Series
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  Available now! I have been invited to be a part of a multi-author fairy tale retelling box set with Christmas themed short stories called, "Fairytale Christmas". I bet you can't guess which fairy tale I picked? LOL! Of course you can...Snow White! Here is a short description of my retelling story in the set, titled "Jewel of Mine":

Snowelle is less than thrilled at the arranged marriage her father had set up for her. But when he is poisoned and there is an attempt on her life as well, she must flee from the castle. She meets a friendly dwarf who lives in a mine that is kind to her. But is he what he seems? In a blending of Snow White and Beauty and the Beast, find out if Snowelle will find love and live happily ever after in this fairy tale retelling.

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Fallen Snow

Snow found herself falling into another world...literally...as she ran from her evil stepmother who was trying to kill her. And now, a new world full of romance and mystery and magic awaited her. But, she is still hunted...still in constant fear for her life from that witch. Searching for her "prince and protector" among the handsome strangers in this mystical remote village, she finds new friends among its residents, both historical and present-day folks. A mysterious woods where once you fall into it, you can’t leave. This was her new home, a world of magic and new family and friends and...romance. A new twist on a fairy tale retelling and re-imagining adventure...‘Fallen Snow’ is the first book in the Whispering Willows series. Willows series.

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Forget Me Not

After falling into a magical world called the Whispering Willows, Snow has found new friends and her “Prince Charming”. But her wicked stepmother is still after her. If she is to find any peace in her new life, she must find a way to destroy the evil witch...a way that will not endanger her new friends or herself in the process. ‘Forget Me Not’ is the second book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Mirror, Mirror

Snow has settled into her new life in the magical Whispering Willows. But now that Snow and her “Prince Charming” have found each other, they must still face obstacles to their happiness together. With the help of a new dwarf friend...who may have secrets of his own, Snow must battle the witch and uncover the mysteries of the magic mirror in the mine. ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is the third book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Gypsy Flower

Snow is willing to risk everything to find the sister she never knew she had, even her new happy life in the Willows. Leaving her true love behind in search of her family, her plans are to bring her sister back to the Willows with her. But will her journey into the mirror bring her the outcome she desires...will she find her sister, or will she again face the witch, her stepmother Margurite? ‘Gypsy Flower’ is the fourth book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Thin Ice

Snow’s sister Lily has now joined her in the village, but she is haunted by her past. She must get past her fears if she is to find love in the Willows, as her sister did. And then there is the magic mirror in the mine...a portal back to their world, with all of its dangers. Will those dangers follow them back to Whispering Willows? ‘Thin Ice’ is the fifth book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Barn Tales

The evil witch and the Captain that Lily fears so have found their way into the Willows. Lily is torn between two men whom she loves. But can she sort out her feelings amidst the trouble that Margurite and the Captain could potentially cause for the village? Does the answer to their problems lie within the mirror...within a time hundreds of years ago back in the House of White kingdom? ‘Barn Tales’ is the sixth book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Lily is now hiding a secret that she is terrified that Thomas will discover. But with these recent 'ghost sightings', will she decide to choose Nate over Thomas? Are the villagers really seeing ghosts from their past, or could it be the witch simply wreaking havoc upon the Willows? And what about the disappearance of their dwarf friend, Ben? ‘Deceptions’ is the seventh book in the Whispering Willows series.

Amazon  B&N  Google Play  IBooks  Kobo  Scribd  Vivlio

The Mine's Eye

Available NOW! The eighth book in the series!

It appears that Lily's secret is out. How will Thomas react, especially after the horrifying truth that Ben revealed about Rumple? Plus the villagers' plan to trap Margurite has failed. Will they be able to use their newfound discovery in Margurite's spell book to their advantage? Perhaps the answer lies deep in the mine. And can Mitch and Snow move past their recent tragedy and find the happiness they so desperately seek? ‘The Mine's Eye’ is the eighth book in the Whispering Willows series.

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Coming Soon! The ninth book in the series!

Coming Soon! The tenth book in the series!

Coming Soon! The eleventh book in the series!

Coming Soon! The twelfth and FINAL book in the series!

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